David Smith

David is a long-time Scarborough Center resident with a strong record of contribution in our community. As Trustee for Toronto District School Board Ward 17 for the past 12 years, David has worked effectively with all levels of government to reduce backlog, streamline administration and deliver results for Scarborough Center students and residents. This includes solar panels and other amenities for elementary schools; merging two aging schools, Mary Thompson Collegiate and Bendale BTI, into a new world-class facility and football field; and installing cameras throughout the ward to enhance safety. David has also worked with the City of Toronto and the Ontario Ministry of Education to implement new programs, create more daycare spaces, and bring the Leonard Braithwaite Afro-Centric program to Winston Churchill Collegiate. During the last two COVID-19 years, he continued that tradition of successful collaboration with health delivery stakeholders including the Ontario Ministry of Health, Toronto Public Health, the Scarborough Health Network, teachers and parents, to ensure consistent and quality education through the use of virtual, on-line, and hybrid models. 

Before politics, David worked in the financial services industry while involved in a range of Scarborough community development initiatives. He has also served as on the CNE Exhibition Committee, as a director of Toronto Lands Corp, as Chair of Employment Insurance Appeals of Referees, and as Chair of Finance Administration and Accountability of the Toronto District School Board.